Le Jardin

  • Le Jardin from Pedro Cordeiro on Vimeo.

    A short film shot in the backyard of my father in law. Using the Sony RX100 IV in HFR mode (250fps) it was possible to capture some sequences of the vegetable textures with smooth camera movements.

    Making off:

    Shot in the backyard of my father in law this was made using the Sony RX100 IV in HFR mode.

    The RX100 IV as that wonderful capability off shooting 2 seconds of HD 250fpv, so I used the slow motion mainly not to freeze the fast action, but to achieve smooth camera movements, even without a slider, since this would be very difficult in this situation.

    To get the camera movement I just moved the RX100 rapidly, by hand, and in the end pressed the movie button (the rec timing was set to “End Trigger” so I could sea the shooting result before pressing the rec button)

    As I was experimenting I used the creative styles in the camera set to B/W contrast +3, so very little editing was done in postproduction. All sounds effects are from Apple FCP X.

    In some of the shoots the Opteka 52mm 10x HD macro adapter was used.


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